For 50 years, TeleCheck® has delivered industry-leading check acceptance, check processing and risk analytics services to merchants and financial institutions.  We protect thousands of businesses and financial institutions from check-related losses and fraud.

TeleCheck® Warranty and Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) programs

Warranty. Provided all requirements are met, TeleCheck® guarantees that merchants will receive payment on all checks that they properly authorize through the system.

Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA). ECA converts paper checks into electronic transactions at the point of sale and deposits these funds into the merchant's direct deposit account (DDA) generally within two business days. If the check is returned by the customer's bank, the return goes directly to TeleCheck®, not to the merchant. The merchant pays no returned check charges. This service also includes guarantee capability.

TeleCheck® Check on Delivery Service


When businesses render services before payment is received, they can still offer the same flexibility to customers that conventional merchants can, without increased risk or check handling costs.

The TeleCheck® Check on Delivery service allows you to get authorization to accept a check before incurring the costs of pulling and shipping goods or putting valuable time into a project. With extensive screening from TeleCheck®, you can have greater confidence in accepting checks, including those from new customers.

TeleCheck® Internet Acceptance Service

The TeleCheck® Internet Acceptance service provides a secure and easy way to accept check payments over the Internet. This real-time approval and payment

solution can improve operational efficiencies and may increase revenue by offering stronger fraud protection, quick funding and low-cost integration. TeleCheck®

makes it easy to accept checks by offering several implementation options. We work directly with your technology group or your ecommerce provider to ensure a seamless integration.

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