Petroleum PlusSM

Today’s petroleum industry is in a whirlwind of transformation that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Petroleum merchants must now face the prospect of parting ways with traditional ties and confront multiple operational uncertainties as independent merchants.

First Data Independent Sales (FDIS) has accepted the challenge of helping these traditional petroleum merchants to discover new opportunities and successes as independent merchants. The Petroleum PlusSM service is a complete resource for merchants, offering our industry-leading expertise in card processing and payment solutions to bring all major credit, debit and fleet cards right to the pump. Our powerful processing technology is ideally suited for those petroleum merchants facing the latest winds of change.

Power at the Pump

The Petroleum Plus service helps gas station owners through the process of switching from a major oil brand to becoming independent. Our offerings include:

®    A seamless process of bringing a branded location to an independent status on the BuyPass® platform

®      Tools to help reduce fraudulent activity

®      24/7 account service

®      Low-cost processing

Additionally, independent gas station and convenience store merchants enjoy:

®      Integrated point-of-sale (POS) system interfaces — through the BuyPass processing service

®      High-speed Internet (IPN) POS availability for both stand-alone credit card terminals and integrated POS systems*

®      A dedicated implementation team providing encryption needs both at the pump and inside the store

®      Coordinated fire-up with fuel services as to when processing can begin




Petroleum PlusSM

Reliability and Speed to Enable Success

Our back-office functionality and multiple feature offerings allow us to enhance the speed and security of your noncash petroleum payment offerings. Our daily transaction monitoring process for all of our merchants helps prevent:

  • ®   Large dollar transactions
  • ®   Excessive chargebacks
  • ®   High rate of returns
  • ®   Duplicate transactions

From the latest encryption regulations to fraud protection, check conversions and reconciliation of statements, the Petroleum Plus service has several programs in place to help you limit your liability and reduce the chances of fraudulent activity.

Address Verification System (AVS) — Reduces fraud and chargebacks at the pump by mandating that customers enter their credit card billing zip codes. If a customer doesn’t know a zip code or enters it wrong, he or she is referred inside to sign for the transaction.

Velocity Checking — Provides merchants with the ability to choose the maximum number of times — from one to five — a card can be used at the pump within a 24-hour period. If a cardholder has reached his or her limit, he or she is referred inside to sign for the transaction.

TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) Services** — Lowers the cost of accepting checks and eliminates returned check fees for checks processed using ECA. Simplifies closing and reconciliation procedures and provides faster availability of funds.

* IPN available for selected integration POS systems and VeriFone® Omni® 3750 terminal only. **Requires compatible equipment, such as the Eclipse® and First DataTM FD100 terminal.

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