Obtain The Best Rates for:


  • Purchasing Cards


  • Corporate Cards


  • Business Cards


  • Large Ticket Purchases

Meeting level 2 & 3 requirements can reduce processing costs by as much as 30%


Across the country, businesses are looking for ways to eliminate paperwork and lower costs and they are finding that this type of card is the answer. Commercial credit cards look like ordinary Visa® or MasterCard® credit cards but are governed by a different set of regulations. Depending on the type, commercial cards require additional entries into your credit card terminal or point of sale software at the time of sale beyond what is requested for a consumer card purchase. For example, when processing a purchasing card transaction you should be prompted for sales tax and customer code. Only when all requirements are met at the time of purchase do you achieve the lowest possible interchange rate.

Federal, state and local governments are the most significant purchasing card users and require that suppliers accept their purchasing cards or risk losing their government business.


Most non-qualified charges can be eliminated if association rules for processing commercial cards are followed.


Smart businesses accept commercial cards:

  1. To enhance customer relationships and win new business.  Corporate customers appreciate suppliers that understand the advantage of conducting business electronically.
  2. Accounts receivable improvement. Your business receives prompt, fast payments in 24-48 hours vs. buyer average pay is more than 30 days or longer
  3. To simplify the purchasing of goods and services.  Commercial car users have pre-approved spending authorization, so transactions can be quickly approved at the point-of-purchase.
  4. To eliminate the complex invoicing and collection procedures.  You will no longer need to perform time-consuming invoice preparation or spend time and money tracking down late payments.
  5. Client retention control
  6. Elevation to preferred supplier status


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